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*** I Guarantee I'm 100% Smoke and Pet Free ***!!!

**** Attention regulars my prices are negotiable for you only!

Gentlemen if you miss you appointment and you desire me to squeeze you in on the same day! The re's a $45 dollar fee-think of it as a reward for helping you out!-Nichollee J

 Rules and Regulations
  • Also if you make an appointment-please make sure you can keep it-I don't charge a cancellation fee like most girls, because i feel everyone is a mature adult! I strive to be affordable! 100% Guaranteed! . 
  • Days I'm open for 24hrs start at Friday at 6am and End at Sunday at 11pm. Keep in mind I'm In college and I'm a mother. Everyone needs rest!! Please do keep texting to a minimum and use proper wording and not slang or it will be ignored. 


  • ***Outcalls-20 miles from Cliffdale no further! Hotels i will visit if Its at least a three star hotel. Hilton,Home 2,Holiday Inn,  The Embassy, Comfort Inn. etc. Nice location and a safe neighborhood which is getting scarce in Fayetteville.Admission is 45 more added to service thanks!!!
  • You need to become a regular before i make house calls. Would like to be safe! I will not travel outside of North Carolina. If you desire me exclusively you will be responsible for all fees and arrangements.
  •  I do take care of women as well as couples. Ladies bring your own equipment for sanitary reasons. Couples each session starts at a 250 and up. If you rent me overnight its 400!  However an appointment needs to be made two days in advance.
  •  ****As the customer it is up to you if you would prefer nudity i will tolerate as long as you are arrived showered and comfortable! If not i will gladly drape you!*****
  • Gentlemen please groom below its more attractive and easier to handle during our session. If you would like me to dress you up bring tools and shaving cream its 75 bucks for education.

Payment Options!!!!

  • Vanilla Visa with Credit Logo
  • All cash for education will be required in a white envelope! No exceptions. Its very professional and it protects both individuals no in hand transactions.

      Thanks for visiting my Website hope to  see you soon.I do have showers, men soap , white Spa towels,deodorant as well just let me know when you walk in! -Underneath i attached a small blog to educate individuals who are new to the avenue. -Nichollee  "I do give credit which is not written by me to give privacy to the author and I'm showing respect and is used as a reference only thanks!!!!


What Makes a Good Client?

I use the term ?good client.? What does that mean?

My answer is based on my ideas and experiences; I don?t know precisely what makes a good client for another escort. But based on a lot of other girls say on discussion board posts and their blogs, most of what I think makes a good client is pretty universal.

Almost everything that makes a client ?good? is motivated by respect for the escort.

A good client?

?recognizes the escort as an individual.

First and foremost, a good client is a man who recognizes that his paid companion is an individual woman and he respects her as a person. This usually requires some maturity in the client (which is why a lot of escorts don?t want to see men under 30), along with having had some solid relationships with women (also part of the reason for the 30-and-over rule).

Often, men who haven?t had much experience with escorts don?t understand this concept. They see escorts as a commodity or service and not as a personal relationship. With enough experiences, or meeting the right escort, they usually realize their mistake in perception and change their ideas about the person they pay for companionship.

Some men refuse to see any escort as more than a living sex doll. These men are almost universally loathed by escorts.

Good clients realize that they?re arranging to meet a person and start a relationship, much like dating. They view the search for an escort as informed blind-dating, not shopping .

?pays correctly and is clean.

A good client shows his respect in two tangible ways. He always pays the correct amount without any fuss and he is clean.

Many escorts require payment up front in an envelope. A good client understands her rules and follows them to the letter (this usually involves not drawing attention to the moment). This establishes a lot of trust with her and he shows that he respects the way she chooses to run her business. (There are escorts who don?t require payment up front, but a client who does so anyway always wins points.) Even if he chooses to pay at the end of their time, he does so quickly and without a lot of discussion. It goes without saying that the amount is always correct.

And he is clean.

This is not always possible for a client coming straight from the office or an airplane. In that case, he will take advantage of any shower facilities he or the escort has available. It?s only polite and a good client is polite!

Many escorts like to keep mouthwash or sample-sized toothbrushes/toothpaste handy as well. A good client intuitively knows why those items are there and uses them if he needs to.


?respects an escort?s time.

A good client is respectful of an escort?s time. He doesn?t waste her time with endless e-mails/phone calls before meeting (unless she openly encourages the correspondence). He doesn?t waste her time with numerous cancellations and rescheduling. He doesn?t break an appointment without calling first. He is on time for appointments; not early, not late. Nor does he try to extend his allotted time with her (he can ask, but she may have other plans). If she doesn?t like last-minute appointments, or appointments on certain days/times, he doesn?t make those requests.

In short, a good client treats an escort?s time as valuable to her; much as his time is probably valuable to him.

?is discreet.

A good client is discreet. Many escorts don?t like explicit reviews or don?t allow any reviews. A good client will respect her wishes about reviews and behave accordingly.

Discretion also extends to any time they spend together in public. No escort wants attention drawn to her while she?s with a client. Likewise, she doesn?t like spending time with an overly-prying client. Although a good client is genuinely interested in his companion, he understands the line between personal interest and being intrusive.

?understands the mystery of chemistry.

A good client recognizes that this is a very personal business. Sometimes people have chemistry, and sometimes they don?t. Not everyone will always get along with everyone else. Sometimes the client grates on the escort?s nerves. Sometimes she can?t find his wavelength. Good clients understand that professional escorts make every effort to make him happy. And if they don?t click; it wasn?t meant to be.

Although they probably will not see this particular escort again, good clients capable of recognizing these concepts. Such mismatches are not reflections on either party. (I?m simply talking about a lack of magic happening, not instances where either party was harmed in some way.)

?is good company.

A good client is nearly always a positive person. Misery may love company, but company does not really like hanging around misery. Some men visit escorts precisely because they need cheering up. But a constantly depressed client who never seems to enjoy the attention they receive from their companions will never be a favored client. They may be harmless in every other way, but a miserable person is a miserable person. Escorts enjoy feeling like they?ve made a difference, even if for a small amount of time. An always-gloomy client ends up depressing his companion as well.

Clients who are extremely sexist, racist or whose personal beliefs make an escort uncomfortable probably won?t be considered good clients. Of course, this is a personality mismatch and every escort has different levels of tolerance.

?doesn?t need to make bribes.

Good clients are not necessarily the ones who tip or bring gifts. Often they are. But sometimes tippers or gift-bearers do this because they know they?re difficult to deal with and are trying to smooth the way. For most escorts, a man is a good client because of the quality of his company and not the quality of his material gifts.

?sees the escort more than once.

Nearly all good clients become good clients by seeing an escort fairly often. Building a relationship takes time and once is usually not enough to produce more than a fond memory.

Of course, a first visit that lasts several hours or days goes a much longer way to establishing the relationship than one or two hours.

The Final Factor

What makes a good client often has a lot to do with what the escort wants out of a client. Although the factors I list seem to be pretty universal, the final factor of what makes a good client is the escort in question.

One man could see two different escorts and behave in a completely polite and respectful manner with both; yet one escort will like him more than the other escort. It comes down to personality. After all, this is a people business.