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 Alot of my clientele has requested a dream sheet or Gifts Section so i have obliged. The following are great for my birthday and special occasions such as holidays, appreciation and another way to pay depending on the circumstances. Keep in mind I'm open to bartering as long as its an item available on my dream sheet.-Nichollee


  1.  Designer Handbags  such as Coach, Dooney & Bourke,etc
  2. Gift Certificates For luxury stores and Establishments.
  3. Perfumes my highest rated are Babydoll by Yves Saint Laurent, Mariah Carey's perfume 3.4 fl oz or Flower by Kenzo, is also desired.
  4. Flowers would be Yellow roses,Lilies and Baby breath and Tulips color pink
  5. My son is four so if you would like to bring respectful items for him i would appreciate it. My son enjoys the out-doors and Power Rangers to name a few!
  6. I do have a sweet tooth my favorite candies are Red Vines, Haribo Gummy Bears, Sour Worms.
  7. I do love video gaames keep in mind i enjoy action,adventure and Atari games.