NicholleeJ's Eroticaromatherapy 

Massage 24hr service

Please call me Nicholee!!!!

I pledge :  I fully understand the reasoning and importance of finding a decent discreet environment. Most spas close at 5pm. However I am open at 6am until 11pm. 24hrs Fri-Sun. Perfect for all professions and all personnel situations. I strive to remain professional ,as well as courteous to your needs. I do have a massage table in my home that i use -as well as Bath and Body Massage Oils. So i do choose my products carefully!

       I'm a very giving and UN-selfish person. I have rescued numerous family's in my own home and helped them get back on their feet. I also assist the elderly while in school part-time. Yes I am a single mother been that way for three years. so i understand the importance of being Independent and mature. I'm a Christmas and an eighties baby. Many people describe me as bubbly and a rare find. I try not to let our society brainwash me. My goal is to retire before i turn 50 and also be married hopefully before 40.


    What makes me different from the rest is I actually care about my clients. I try to make them feel comfortable. I'm very open minded I use protection all the time! You should as well. I'm sure competition visit my page trying to get fresh ideas, What they don't know is I don't put everything on display. I'm very selective when it comes to finding the right mixture of clients. I know a lot about Fayetteville. As a single mother of age 30.-I choose to remain UN-married because its hard to find open-minded individuals who can respect the fact the I work long and hard for myself and my son. At the same time trying to balance a small business and my education. I do not discriminate.

    I'm natural or considered as a old soul. I tell clients in Fayetteville you only need a few friends, Trust me they will keep you occupied. I have lived here for eight years. The only reason i remain is the fact-is its affordable and quiet and allows me to handle what needs to be handled.

 Thanks for reading my short bio and I look forward to serving your very needs!!