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Quotes I have been a regular of Nichollee for about seven years now. Her house is always clean no annoying pets, children or messy obstacles in your way. She greets me with a hug. Yes she does have a bubbly personality and she is very talkative but i was able to warm up to her in the first six minutes. She definitely keeps it interesting every-time i see her. Which i appreciate very much. Stay Beautiful! From C.C Quotes
Regular Client

Quotes As an older gentleman-i truly believe a good provider is someone who thinks outside the box. Provides an environment different from everyone else. Nichollee does just that. Me being a Caucasian male i prefer black women. In my opinion they are better in bed, don't have to worry about fake body parts. Drugs or bad habits. Nichollee is unique Why? She has her own place in a good area on Cliffdale. Shes close to everything and shes hidden in a great location. Every time i call she picks up the phone does not make you wait like other providers and shes well experienced. Always has fresh towels,soap,and deodorant assessable. I never feel nervous when I'm over for a session. Shes a people person with amazing conversation. Shes all natural and for her shape-she presents herself quite well. I like the fact that she keeps her hair short and neat. Looks amazing with no make up. Shes skilled In Prostate massages which i enjoy! She does not lay on her back like most providers. Shes creative. Quotes
Perfer to Be Discreet Due to Occupation
From A Regular Client!!

Quotes Nicholee was like i found treasure in Fayetteville! Lord only knows this place needs all the help it can receive. Thanks so much for standing out from the rest! Seems like all the single women end up on Backpage! But not all are worth your time or money! I'm glad i found me a keeper-Thanks again. Quotes
Mr. James Crest
New-comer now a Regular!!!

Quotes Nichollee is different from the trash you find in Fayetteville.Shes not in some cheap hotel room. Rather her own apartment which was clean and smelled amazing. Had nice classical music playing-which was a step up from last visit. Had nice towels that were soft and clean. Nichollee never was a clock watcher. She sets a timer which is quite interesting. I love being in her embrace -Thanks again beautiful Nichollee Quotes
Mr. James Cullum
Visit #2

Quotes Lets be honest as businessmen we seek outside for relief from our jobs,relationships and stress. Im like most gentlemen,I surfed Backpage and Craigslist hoping to find someone who could help me solve my sexual frustrations. Bottom line Nicholee is not like most on Backpage. I'm not gonna lie I tried others and their location was not safe,clean or the females had an old photograph that wasn't recent. Or they had some pimp controlling her every move. However, Nicholee is different! To me she cared about her clients and herself including her hygiene. I have to say she is a gorgeous looking female. A great pair of breasts which are perky and firm. A tight sexy backside that looks irresistible from behind. Fellows you will need a lot of lube because Nicholee was extremely tight. It felt like i was having sex with a virgin! All i could say was amazing! You can tell she doesn't have a lot of men running through her trust me! She was patient had condoms and lube that was edible. She was amazi Quotes
Mr. Christopher Prism
The Only Lady I'll Visit From Backpage Period!!

Quotes I can definitely see why Nicholle is called the Nickel-shes tight and moist but i know her site said she does not service well endowed men-but she will if you pay more but its up to her decision. All i can say is i will be back!! Thanks. Quotes
Ceolle MacDaniel
Satisfied Businessman

Quotes Nicholee I have to say is definitely breath-taking! She takes her services seriously and i like that. She is full of energy and laughter. I definitely enjoyed the conversation and classical music -played in the background. In Fayetteville its a shame.Me being a visiting businessman,its sad we have to go through so many rejects before you find Decency and with Nicholee i found just that!! Thanks for being uniquely beautiful!!-Charles Quotes
Perfer to be Anonymous Due to my Profession!!!
Generous CEO!

Quotes Nichollee was fantastic she was great at giving a bonus-I was walking funny when i left! Thanks i will be back in two weeks count on it. Quotes
Mr Patrick Combs
Satisfied Businessman

Quotes As a first time client-I never found a parlor, that was open to my convenience! Nicholee's massage was amazing she was open 24hr on certain days which was great! I really appreciate your time and patience madam!!! Quotes
Mr. James Cullum
First Time Client!!

Quotes I visited Nicholee yesterday afternoon after work and I have to say she accommodated me at midnight. I was impressed. She was booked and still found a way to fit me in! I highly appreciate it! As a businessman its hard to find someone You can trust! I'm proud to say Nicholee had me laughing the entire session, I'm surprised shes not married lol! I will definately be back! Thanks again!! Quotes
From a Successful Lawyer!!!
Satisfied Ceo!