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Quotes I drove all the way from Charlotte to see Nichol-lee J because I'm not really FAN of way is considered mainstream nowadays! I'm an old school type of gentleman and i like my women natural and normal looking!! I just don't like fake unrealistic body parts on my lady! Nichollee J was real sweet and she knew the correct way to answer her phone. Politely not rude or with vulgar language. She didn't mind answering my questions. Easy to set up an appointment and very quick and prompt. I'm glad i had a chance to get to know this young lady. Quotes
Mr. Raymond
President and Happy Client!!

Quotes She's Gorgeous and I follow her on Istagram and I m addicted to her voice! I watched all her bold videos online and on her site. She's Killing the game and people don't even know it. For someone who doesn't buy makeup ,her skin is flawless. She personally has made me cum numerous times and I feel like if a provider is exceptional at her craft she deserves to be top-Dollar. If she can make you orgasem ladies better then your spouse then ""Hey" Let's be real nothing gets us moving then oral PERIOD. Most men are to lazy to learn how to satisfy his ladie in bed. I love being bi and being straight you miss out on so many adventures. So I understand Miss J completely and continue to make my legs shake. Quotes
Female Bi-Sexual Professional
Nothing Is Better Then Being a Bi-Sex-symbol!

Quotes This testimonial will be different! I've been a regular of hers for a while and now I do both. I buy earrings and enjoy her sessions! I'm bisexual and I have a similar taste in the style Nichollee sports so Damn well lol. I love her earrings the best because I'm tried of the limited options here in Fayetteville, we have more eateries here then shops. However me being bisexual and single is a frustrating game to play. Because the truth of the manner is no one dates for real anymore and when you hit a certain age it get harder and harder to find someone on the same educational level as yourself. So I was ecstatic to find Nichollee J. We hit it off so easily she reminded me of the way individuals would socialize before electronics came into view. All I can say is keep it up girl the world needs you.XOXO Quotes
Sharea Bloomingdale
I love options!!!

Quotes I'm a businessman an Exec to be exact. My issue is those of us that make great money lacks personal time. I find it hard sometimes because Im picky by nature. I like my women dark skinned and Real. Which in a sense is disappearing from the blind eye. I like the net because it gives a hardworking man options. But most copycat or is full of plastic and if I fansey that I would just but an action figure. A provider should pick up her phone and answer with a sweet response that one can understand. Nichollee is truly blessed and beautiful! I'm of white descent and I'm addicted to dark skinned Ebony Women. Quotes
***Perfer to be Discrete Due To Occuppation!
Beyond Words!!!!

Quotes I actually discovered Nichollee J by accident while at work one day! I'm recently divorced because my husband cheated on me and our child and I knew something was off with our marriage. Me being 40 back into the dating scene was not my thing. So I did what most did play with Goggle lol. But I have to say Nichollee has great assets and a great tongue! I'm infatuated with oral and it's hard to find a partner that's willing to learn and do it right. The surprise toys was a plus and I plan on using them tonight! Love You Girl! Quotes
New Satisfied Female Client

Quotes I brought my wife with me because we have been desiring to see Nichollee J for awhile now. She greeted us with her warm exciting Personality. Not gonna lie her body was so breathtaking very full and a joy to entice our experience! My wife and I really enjoyed the two hr session. You helped spice up our love life thanks so very much! Quotes
James Thomas
Amazing Time!

Quotes The site was gorgeous and so unique! No provocative lingerie, Nichollee J has her own style which may not attract to everyone,but if your looking for a very new and rich innovative approach, then you have found the right environment! I like the fact that she's a pleasure to talk to and no slang! Nichollee's figure is medium built with plus size assets that are definitely grown naturally no tattoos or piercings. I come to Fayetteville often because I have family business and due to how people behave nowadays it's hard to find a companion you can claim as your own, that is steady and easy to learn and grow a rich relation with. So I greatly appreciate Nichollees Time and Great Service! Quotes
Private Client
Repeat Encounter -2015 at 9pm

Quotes All i can say i was impressed how real and natural Nichollee J is in person Her personality was right on track she was very upbeat and the conversation was very much enjoyable. Her apartment was warm and inviting and i felt i was at home. I will be sadden when Nichollee J leaves since this area is quite lacking in real and sensible providers I have been a fan of hers since 2006 and i will remain!- Quotes
Charles Bradley
Satisfied Clientele

Quotes I have to say Nichol-lee's place was really clean and had a nice fragrance when you walked in. Had relaxing music in the background and had showers ,soap and fresh amenities ready when required. Its a safe haven if your not to keen being seen in a public place and had great conversation. Unlike most providers Nichol-lee made me feel relaxed and at home. Her hats are so adorable on her and i like how she dresses for an Out-Call. Thanks so much for a Pleasant Afternoon away from Home!-Charles Quotes
Satisfied Father and Faithful Client!
Ever-Lasting Experience

Quotes I just love how Nichollee comes to our out call location in the cutest attire. She makes her own hats and shes always a pleasure to do business with. Shes sometimes is even negotiable on her pricing when your a regular such as myself. I absolutely adore Nichollee!-Mrs.Prim Quotes
Female Client
Satisfied Customer Always!*^^*
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